A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

An RPG battle system in which killing enemies will start combos for mad experience!

Fight the hoard of laundry monsters in order to get as many points as you can.  The larger the combo, the larger your multiplier.

Get as many points as you can in the turns you have available!

Made for the Extra Credits Game Jam #3


  • Keyboard:
    • wasd/arrow keys for navigation
    • Enter/Space to ACCEPT/SELECT
    • ESC to CANCEL
  • Controller
    • DPAD for navigation
    • A (xbox) / X (playstation) to ACCEPT/SELECT
    • B (xbox) / O (playstation) to CANCEL


Windows.zip 20 MB
Mac.zip 38 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip, extract and execute the file inside


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Made a video


Love it! I may go back and fix some of the balancing some time soon but glad you guys had fun :)

Loved the art style looked like all the characters were stickers fighting each other and the concept was fun having to do combos to rack up extra points before the turns run out making you choose between healing to survive till the end or just keep attacking hoping to get some good hits in.