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Note: The game will not work on phones or smaller screens. Apologies in advance.

Note: None of the links other than "Home" and "Credits" will function until you have started the game (can't spy the puzzles till the timer begins!)

You play as a hacker, trying to find and collect all the flags you can on the sites assigned to you in the given time limit.

You'll be given a series of puzzles and brain teasers and whenever you solve one you'll be given a flag. Each site could contain multiple flags but could also contain none. That doesn't mean you're wasting your time though! Some sites contain valuable clues you'll need to solve the puzzles on other sites

If you have problems with the music, autoplay sound may be disabled on your browser, or just try refreshing. 

Game was built entirely using React and CSS


Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
Tags2D, browser, extragamejam, Funny, Narrative, Point & Click, react, Short, web


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What the heck is a seal's favourite toy >< 

Yayyy found. But there's a 6th???

Sadly unlike the other people, I'm having a hard time with this. Are we meant to right-click and inspect the website source html/js? (I didn't because I thought this game was meant to be solved with game logic.)

In general, have a difficult time guessing password puzzles. Let alone on a time limit!

I found description of the tools a little difficult to understand. I only managed to find my way by randomly clicking on the Zapper and Screwdriver and then various objects in the game websites. I had difficulty knowing if the Zapper and Screwdriver were selected or unselected.

Is there a logic I was meant to understand to prevent random clicking and be more focused on what matters?

This was an AMAZING game. I really enjoyed it and spent a while on some stats....

You had this much time left:


And collected 6 flags. Did you know there's a total of 6 flags you could find?

That means you had a score of...


I can't seem to get 2 of the flags, is there an answer sheet or something anywhere? I'm so curious but I can't figure the out.


Pretty late, but this was a fun game! I managed to find all 6 flags (though one of them was a fluke lol)


B3ACHBA11(hide symbols) .  B(^2) = 000001 or B = 2 (A-Z 1-26)? --help? B 26 3 15 A 11 C H 45 7462 B A . (26(^2)=11010) 15=1111 45=101101  7462 = 1110100100110
help pleazzzz

wow,cool code


This is my first time actually trying a game like this and it was so fun to play! I did only find two flags but it was very enjoyable :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)


I played this for several hours it felt like and was stuck on 4. It's a brilliant game, really well done. Reminds me a *lot* of the Hunt-a-Killer box games. Thank you for submitting this.

Thank you so much for playing!! Really glad you enjoyed it so happy to hear!


This was amazing! I only managed to find three flags after two playthroughs, but this kind of soodoo ARG/hacking thing is something I wanted for quite a while and this game delivers. Everything (obviously) took me some time to adjust to, but everytime I found a solution to a puzzle, it just made perfect sense, although they can be pretty difficult to figure out sometimes. Also the design and music are great, they got me so in the mood that I even bust out some weird sunglasses for the maximum hacker feel! Its kinda the perfect thing for a person like me, who has no idea how to hack, but still wants to feel like a movie hacker from time to time. Its nice that a place for notes is provided, however I personally prefer pen and paper for notes, it just feels a little quicker (though it probably isnt). Great game, Ill probably revisit this at some point!


Really happy to hear you enjoyed it! And honestly same I love pen and paper notes haha but wanted to try and give people a place for notes in case they didn’t have any pen or paper handy. And I’m really glad to hear that it was immersive! Thanks so much for playing! 

inbox me


Im not very smart with this type of game, I only managed to get 3 flags after a couple of playthroughs. But anyway, great game!

Thank you! It can definitely be tricky and I’m still learning how to write puzzles so don’t feel alone! Thank you so much for playing!

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I found all of the 6 flags!

This was such a unique interpretation of the theme, and it was executed so well! I could write a lot more about each puzzle but i don't want to spoil anything!

Great game, thanks for making this, i really enjoyed it!


You keep surprising me making very different kinds of games for each jam. This was great! I managed to find five flags, but I admit I had to use brute force force one of them. I'll have to try again later to find that sixth flag.