You have a notification! [SOMEONE] texted you some big news. 

How do you feel about it? 

What kind of memories did you have with them?

Are you going to use this game like it's a therapist in order to process your IRL complicated feelings about your own friendships? 

There are no wrong answers here--other than the ones you think are wrong.

How to play: Click and scroll with a mouse.


  • Programming, art, font - Raespark
  • Writing, font - Zolaire (@theberlz)
  • Programming assistance - Oelderoth
  • Sounds are from, including the "received message tone" made by

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)


Download 43 MB
Download 45 MB

Install instructions

Download the zip, and extract the files. Inside the folder will be the executable which you can play!


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I really enjoy this game! I've tried and failed to decode the symbols multiple times. It's not only a great narrative, but a great puzzle, all wrapped in a short-and-sweet package.


Interesting how you get the player to fill in the blanks. Wow, what a difficult gibberish convo hehe

sorry but i don't get this game


I wish we could have gotten more closure towards the end. Bittersweet goodbyes are never something to look forward to, and this game/experience provides a very realistic setting and tone to how I think this would unfold IRL. Are there more branching paths to discover. or do they ultimately lead towards this sour taste? This left me wanting to fix the issues between our characters, but that couldn't be answered. I'd love to see a more fleshed out update later on, but if this is meant to be a more finalized short experience, you captured the atmosphere well! I would like the backing ambience to loop after the track finishes, given it could provide the player a more pulling experience. But dude, that ending hurts.

Thank you so much for playing!! And yes it was made over a weekend for a game jam so it's a bit short but I'm still glad you enjoyed it!
The music is supposed to loop, and looks like it even just cut out cause its actually a pretty long sound file! Sorry about that!

Thank you so much for your lets play it was great getting to watch you play our game!!


CPC here. I really enjoyed this experience. It's a novel idea and well executed for how short a time we had to work on it. The sound effects, ambient sound, and interface all blend together to make convincing experience without drawing attention to themselves individually (there was even a point when I had to mute the audio to check if the bird tweets were coming from outside or my speakers).

I played through it a few times with different scenarios in mind and I found it worked best when I was able to fill in the dialogue for the other person. The downside is it's difficult to fill in without knowing the possible responses. I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions, and you can decide if it's even worth addressing.

If you do decide to continue working on this, I would like it if past responses influenced the tone of future options. Either that or somehow find a way to display more response choices at once.

Overall very impressed. Great job!


if anyone wanna check my game :)


This was a great experience. I really liked how the sound created an atmosphere and kind of set a tone. It was also great in very subtly giving definition to the setting.

The story itself was very interesting because it put the responsibility of image on the player. This is something we don't see too much in games these days. Great Job!

My only criticism is I would have liked to see more, but for the game jam it was excellent.

Is there a chance you could make this available for Mac users? I'd really like to play it but I don't own a Windows computer :

Sure! I can't add downloadable versions until the "judging" period is over, but I own a mac and I can easily make a mac version!

Does the web version not work for you?

no. I don't know if it has to do with my web browser or not, but the web version isn't cooperating

Aw I'm sorry to hear that :(( I don't know what browser you have but its been good for me on chrome!


My story ended up being about someone breaking up with me, because they found someone else who was better.

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At first I was trying to decode the symbols heheheh
This is more like an experience than a game.

I like that it has an "open" interpretation, you could be either a guy or a girl, and you could be talking to either a friend or lover. Despite some text options being very literal you can also imagine you are talking to someone you cared that passed away.

I don't think, however, that I'm going to use this as a therapy method XD

Wish it was that simple :)

Congrats on finishing and releasing the game!


Happy to hear that the writing came across as non-gendered! Coincidentally, I (the writer) am a non-binary person, so that is extra amusing to hear!

Yes, life would be much simpler if all games could be therapy in some way. Haha :)


Nice one! xD I really enjoyed it.