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The game is isn't loading D:



(1 edit) (+3)

Nice, cute, simple. But I wish there was some more customization in decorating. 4/5

yeah, same


fun consept, good art, though feel like there should be more to let you know if you did something, like putting flour in the cup and adding it to the bowl.


I feel like this game  is a horror game 

i feel the same vibes as Bonnie


This was super cute - wish there was a bit more let me know if you ever add more cookie styles/decorating ability on sugar cookies/etc!!!

im traumatize with bonnie bakery

Played this as part of a 3 random games, was very chill

Best cookie for you! *gibs you cookie*


Needs visual indicators of what the ingredient you are currently holding. Aside from that, a pretty enjoyable, if short, game.

Ok, I'm officially addicted to this cute game. I've played it like 10-13 times in a row.

Very cozy game, very cute, 12/10

(1 edit) (+1)

This game looks like what dreams are made of but I simply do not trust it. I'm gonna play it and probably be proved wrong, and god I hope I am. ):

( I was proven wrong) (:

This is so cute! this is a great game! <3

What a lovely but short game!

This game is so cute! It reminds me of the cooking minigames in the Nancy Drew PC games I played growing up ^_^ really satisfying!

Very cute! I don't think Chip enjoyed having me as an apprentice baker, but I had fun!

I wanna start to use Gobot to make cozy games but idk how to code, you should do tutorials :))


; w ; 

this game was so much fun!!!

I can't pick up the flour, i can only pick up the cup and nothing else :




pick up the cup then put it in the flour then in the bowl


I'm sorry, Adding android support is a big undertaking and this was a small weekend project. But it works natively in browser on a computer or laptop. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Can't download on Android 😔

Don't worry, you can play on yor phone with browser (html version of this game) ;-)


I find it funny that I can bake cookies with nothing but 10 scoops of flour, and that I can also make a batch of cookies with literally nothing in the bowl lol fun game


Such a fun and cute game, really enjoyed it thank you. 


Thank you for playing! This was a really enjoyable video thank you for making it! :) 


Please make more types of cookies I will be donating 100$ to one of these games! more is on discord :


Fun little game <3


It won't load :(



this is so cute and fun to play 

love this! congrats on making this game!


i can only make 1 batch of cookies :(


it would be cool if you could make different types of cookies liek double chocolate cookies or something



super cute


Love the game, wish there was more creativity tho! (Like being able to make frosting or other shapes of cookies)  Very cute, took a while to load in the web version. Still great


Aww, this is really cute! I like how Chippany is friendly and relaxed on the outside but is always sighing on the inside though XD


Cute and relaxing <3


I've been trying to play this but the loading wheel thing goes away and leaved me and when I download it the screen just shows up as a gray scree with a white square in the top right corner while the music plays :')

maybe try the app and launch it from their 

Thank you! That was such a relaxing and cute little game. Love it!!

this was so fun and calming!! i love the art style and it really makes a difference to all the horror games on here :) thank you for making this, it's appreciated 



Seu jogo está incrível, aguardo mais conteúdo e novas receitas, mas está de parabéns! Eu coloquei seu jogo no meu canal, da um pulo lá!

Love the art style!  Great game!

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